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Excerpt: "11. New York Giants (31)
PB – 20th, RB – 4th, PEN – 12th

Though he gets next to no praise, Will Beatty (+22.4) had a year that warranted Pro Bowl consideration. The penalties aren’t ideal, but there are not many left tackles who can keep their quarterback upright and generate movement in the run game.

It was David Diehl (-6.2) again, but the truth is he actually performed a lot better in the second half of the season compared to the liability we’ve known him to be.

A big improvement from this line, which was terrible in 2011. They made a big contribution in the running game while ensuring Eli Manning faced significantly less pressure. Still, this line is in transition to a degree with a few of players getting to that age where the cliff is approaching." Read more...
All the more reason I say Beatty is actually more important to re-sign than Cruz. Yet everyone thinks i am an idiot for thinking this...