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Thread: If you could travel back in time what sporting event would you like to attend?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DVision View Post
    SB 42 victory.
    Imagine being there in that 2 minute drill and savoring the agony of the Pats fans filing out of the stadium. Go to Arizona expecting the coronation as the best team of all time, and leave with a stunning loss.

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    Soo many choices...
    Gretzky scoring 5 against the Flyers to give him 50 goals in 39 games.
    Joe Carters homer to win the Jays 2nd World Series.
    Game 3 of the '87 Canada Cup final.
    Just about any of Ali's fights.
    And the sweetest of all... Superbowl 42.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cool Papa B. View Post
    Great moment. But it was game 6 not game 7.
    oops....sorry....was the winning game tho IIRC
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    Any Walt Frazier game.

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