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    Okay, show your age and let's talk about our very own who's left an edible mark on the NFL.

    Do you think he'll get in on Sunday, and what are your memories of Bill?
    He was a great HC with a substantial coaching tree beneath him. His orientation was defense and on offense he'e take only the minimum risk necessary to win. If we were playing a weak team, the game would be a snoozer with us running a vanilla offense with mostly running plays. If we were playing a top oponent, all bets were off. He'd break out wrinkles not seen before on offense and special teams. He had great leadership qualities. One of my favorite memories was him and Simms jawing at each other on the sideline, both looking straight ahead, trying to fake the cameras into believing they weren't arguing on the sidelines.

    That said, I grew to not like the guy. It may sound strange after the praise I heaped on him. He was a mercenary for the front office to deal with. He never let his contract settle in. Worse, he did it all publicly through the media. It was like dealing with a current day WR or CB diva. He constantly talked about retiring and or leaving the Giants. He let Bellicheat get away to strengthen his negotiating position with us, then left us holding the bag with Ray Handley. I would never use the word class with Parcells as I obviously would with Coughlin. I wouldn't hire him (even in his prime) as my coach knowing what I know about his restless heart. I'm not a big fan of drama in the locker room especially coming from a coach.

    Still his body of work is large and should land him in the HOF soon. I'm guessing it happens this year.
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    No one remembers who came in second.

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