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The 86 team is the gold standard. 14-2 record, and in the playoffs beat the 49ers 49-3, Washington 17-0, and Denver 39-20.

The 90 team went 13-3 and won the SB.
The 89 team went 12-4 and lost a shocker in OT in the playoffs (Rams/Flipper Anderson)
The 88 team was 10-6 and missed the playoffs.
The 85 team was 10-6 and ran into the 85 Bears in the playoffs.
I equate the 89 team to the 2008 team. Very good regular season, but lose in the first playoff game to a wildcard team. I actually think that the 89 playoff loss was worse. Hard to call a team that lost in the first game of the playoffs dominant.

The 90 team was rolling until Simms got hurt. They certainly weren't dominant when Hostetler was at QB (although this is probably my favorite Giants team of all time). I 'll give you that one though.

The 85 and 88 teams were good but not dominant.

I only objected to the suggestion that all of Parcells' teams were dominant.