1) Alec Okafor (DE) - The number 1 pick continues to be a mystery as the Giants could go in so many directions here (OL, DT, CB, LB, etc ...) and will have good value at the #19 pick. The DTs at this level (Jesse Williams, Jonathan Hankins) project as 3-4 NTs. Although the Giants could definitely use the big inside presence on the dline I don't think they go here. I also don't see the Giants picking a LB or OL at this level unless they are a no-brainer and I don't think the options that will be available (Ogletree, Minter and Fluker, Cooper respectively) will elicit that kind of excitement in our front office. That bring us down to what will excite the Giants front office ... and that's a pass rushing DE. More specifically, a replacement and heir-apparent for Justin Tuck on the strongside of the defensive line. I believe with the fervor surrounding Ezekial Ansah, he will be gone by #19 and that leaves us with Alec Okafor, Dion Jordan and Datone Jones. Dion Jordan is a classic 3-4 tweener and of the not-so-favorable variety. At 6'6 245, he's too light to be a 4-3 DE and too tall to manage SAM duties well. The obvious choice is to put on weight, but at 6'6 he will most likely run into back problems with an additional 25-35 pounds on him. Alternatively, Datone Jones really projects well as a 3-4 DE (someone who can play inside) and was outshined by his team mate and last contender here; Alec Okafor. Alec Okafor is a polished, high motor guy who can set the edge, is stout at the point of attack and compliments JPP very well. He's also played both sides of the ball and the interior so can be moved around in our Nascar package with a minimal learning curve. Alternate Pick: Xavier Rhodes (CB)

2) Logan Ryan (CB) - If we don't go CB in the first round, I think we definitely go for it here. Oline is still not offering excitement at this level (the way projections are currently falling) and neither is the LB position with Khaseem Green and Arthur Brown being available. However Logan Ryan has put together a terrific junior season, has great range and the size the Giants like in their CBs. With CWeb being on the downside of his career, Hosely still being a question mark to start opposite Prince full time and this being a passing league, I think Ryan makes a lot of sense here. Alternative Picks: Oday Aboushi (OT), Khaseem Green (LB)

3) Arthur Brown (LB) - I think Arthur Brown, who is probably the definition of "solid" is also the definition of "unexciting". To his end, I think his stock falls somewhat and he is available at this pick. No one will pick this guy and think they have a game changer, BUT Arhtur Brown could very well be our next Harry Carson. A guy who shows up every play, can play all three of the LB positions well, has range, toughness and good football awareness. Think of this guy as Chase Blackburn who can actually shed blocks well. Could very well be the biggest sleeper of the draft. Alternative Picks: Justin Pugh (OT/OG), Sylvester Williams (DT)

4) Brian Winters (OG/OT) - We add versatility and depth to our offensive line with this pick. Starting tackle for Kent State, projects inside as an OG at the next level. The Giants modus operandi with regards to the offensive line during Reese's tenure has been to throw low draft picks at the position and supplement with free agency. I don't think this year is any different. With a garden of talent in the wings (Petrus, Brewer, Cordle, McCants, Mosley) it's going to be a measure of who shakes out the best. Considering Brewer's lack of production in pre-season this year and his overall disappearance during the regular season, I could see this pick as fixing that miss-pick of years past. Alternative Picks: Khaled Jones (OT), Nico Johnson (LB)

5) Bernie Logan (DT) - If we haven't already, this is where the defensive line gets an injection. LSU ranked 5th in defense last year and Bernie Logan was a big part of the reason why. Stout run defender who can take on double teams ... yes please. Alternative Picks: Micael Williams (TE), Tyran Mathieu (CB)

6) Braxston Cave (OG/C) - Because Baas isn't doing a thing for me and double dipping on offensive line picks is what we do when we don't know what we're doing. Alternative Picks: This is where I start throwing darts so really whatever appeals.

7) Rodney Smith (WR) - 6'5, 215 and can catch ... .yowza! (need someone to replace the Barden experiment).