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This is a tad snippy.....Don't you think?
Its tough to lose a game when you had two late turnovers as the difference, especially when one was purely flukish.
I have no problem with a competitor having a hard time forgetting it. These guys go through a lot to get to where we and the Niners were last season.
I have no problem with this kind of statement at all.

You guys are too sensetive.
Too sensitive? Maybe people are.

What seems much, much more likely is that your ridiculous position, designed solely to get the results you have, is 100% without any trace of merit.

Let's pretend that the second fumble never happened, and that Williams was tackled on that spot: Tell the class the results of every 49 drive in the forth quarter. How many were 3 and outs (hint...it rhymes with "ball but bun")

Total yards in the second half?
Passing yards?
Running yards?

How about this one: a roughing the passer call against the giants gave the niners more yards than they had passing in the 4th!!

Don't know what game Gore or you watched, but he one I watched had the Giants D (that you routinely credit and rightfully so) absolutely took complete control of that game in the second half and the niners could do nothing about it.

But somehow, in Gore's mind (and yours) the niners were A-OK.

Maybe they were resting?