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Thread: 49ers' Frank Gore On NFC Championship Loss To Giants: "We Were The Better Team"

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    Quote Originally Posted by embeshAtYa View Post
    they made a mistake. lost. period. I dont remember seeing anything that showed they were doing anything to win the game either. Eli got blasted over and over and hung in there. Thats a champion. If they were so bitter and angered over this talkin all this crap why did they let us go into san fran this year and dominate them. Shut the ____up san fran!!!

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    To bad he wont be on the field love to see him choke again in a big spot

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    Williams is a doofus.

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    Well, it looks like I know what team Im pulling for.

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    I guess the 40 whiners were the better team in week 6 too when they lost 26-3. Alex Smith's 3 INT's were all flukes. And poor Frank Gore had a whopping 36 yards rushing. Nice job backing up your mouth with your play Frank.
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    This is exactly why coaches do not want to release injury reports every week.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Morehead State View Post
    They've also become......a team with a great defense, outstanding O line, dynamic running backs and an explosive young QB, with a coach that does nothing but win and is in the Superbowl.
    Don't kid yourself, they, along with every 49rs fan in America, are very happy about what they've become.
    Spoil sport. Why bring us down with a dose of reality. ( just kidding) This thread is damn fun to read though. hahaha

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    Must be real awkward for Manningham in that locker room.

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    Watch Kyle Williams have the same stupid sentiment when the Ravens hand them a devastating loss on Sunday. I would not expect Jim to be sour grapes against his brother though or we will see.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bleeding blue View Post
    Must be real awkward for Manningham in that locker room.
    Manningham is on IR.

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