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    On the field Ray Lewis has had a great career and is one of the top 5 LBs to ever play the game. He is a great leader on the field.

    On the field LT was The Greatest Defensive player of all time. He revolutionized the game and the only way to have described him would be as a force of nature. I have never seen a football player do what he did on a regular basis. Strong, fast, great instincts, made everyone around him play better, great leader and so much more. I don’t know if we will ever see another football player like LT.

    Off the field Ray lewis was involved in a murder and pled out to an obstruction of justice charge. Key evidence, mainly a bloody white suit has never been found and witnesses changed their story. He paid off the victims families. That has all been documented and uncontested. He has a number of kids with different women and claims that he is now born again and appears to live a very charitable and giving life. Some folks say he has found redemption and never committed the crimes. Some have said he was involved in the crimes and has found redemption. Some say he is a fake and it is all an act. I think Ray Lewis was somehow involved in the murders and I do think that since then, he has changed his life around. I don’t think it excuses his past deeds if he was so involved.

    LT has had drug problems. LT has had numerous legal problems with the most recent being sex woith an underage prstitute that told him she was overage. He was cleared in a civil suit and alegations of abuse against the prostitue were found to be false. It would also appear that although alcohol was involved that drugs weren’t and that LT is still drug free. LT is not a model citizen and is not a role model off the field. However, the activities he has been accussed of are more of a self destructive kind as oppossed to the activities that Ray Lewis has been accussed of that hurt others. The one thing that is clearly evident is that LT is not fake and unlike Ray, if Ray is guilty, LT owns up to his mistakes, admits his complicity while Ray doesn’t.
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