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So let me get this straight. Someone tried to rob LT at gun point and LT managed to beat them up, take the gun from them, and the drugs? Then he hooked his buddies up with escorts before a game? The only thing better than this is if he did it all in the same day.

Lol all jokes aside, Judging people's lives based on past events which happened many years ago is pretty low, and has nothing to do with giants football. i could never judge someone i dont know especially if i have never met them. Thats just not me. But i am curious. what do you guys consider good off of the field? What types of things should a person do off of the field to be considered a good person? Who are some good off of the field players?
Best comment on the thread thus far. I'll stick to a football analysis. LT was 3 times as dominant as Ray Lewis. LEAGUE MVP!!!!! He was the reason I became a Giants fan. He was the God of War on the battlefield. Youtube has Ray and LT highlights If you compare the two then you'll see that there really is no comparison.