On the field, Ray Lewis is arguably the greatest LB of this generation. Likewise, LT IS the greatest of his generation, maybe of all time. However, they do play different positions. Lewis is also going for his second Superpbowl, possibly tying LT. On the field, who is/was more important to their team? Is LT's play too much for Lewis to overcome or does Lewis's leadership prove him to be more valuable on a possibly let talented team?

Off the field, Lewis has changed his image into a humble and spiritual leader for his community. However, it is not in the distant past he was up for murder charges, paying off families of victims, and lets not forget (thank you Mrs. Welker) his 5 kids and 4 wives. That is hardly the resume of a role model.

Off the field, LT is linked heavily to drugs, prison, and more recently, sex with a minor and prostitution. While he has not shown to have too many redeeming qualities or even attempted to rehabilitate his image like Lewis has, it is hard to look past the fact that drugs and prostitution is nowhere near as heinous as murder.

So, what is everyone's opinions of Lewis vs. LT on and off the field?