Excerpt: "Similarly to every other position in the NFL, today's kickers are simply better athletes than their predecessors. When an athlete realizes at a young age that they possess enough athletic prowess to make it to the NFL, developing the skills to kick has become an extremely attractive option. Kickers make nearly the average salary ofNFL running backs and take next to no beating whatsoever.

Young athletes and their parents have taken note, and more than ever there is an infusion of real athleticism at the kicker position.

With so much more emphasis onfootball than soccer in the United States, talented soccer players are often opting out of a life of bouncing between farm teams in favor of trying their hand at kicking a football. The infusion of talent at the NFL level has been noticeable.

The list of impressive kickers to burst onto the scene in the last several years in the NFL has been quite impressive. Blair Walsh, Alex Henry, Dan Bailey, Justin Tucker, Greg Zuerlein and Kai Forbath make up what is rapidly being considered the best group of kickers in the NFL." Read more...