What players, are the most likely to go top 15? Can do this to get a better idea of what players the giants will have to choose from at 19.

Start with the most likely.

QBs Im going to skip, but I will assume at least 2 will go, which 2 I dont really care.
3. OT Jockel
4. DE Werner
5. DE Moore
6. CB Millner
7. DT Loutelei
8. DT Richardson
9. OLB Mingo
10. OG Warmack
11. LB Ogletree
12. DE Ansah
13. OT Fisher
14. OT Johnson
15. OLB Jarvis Jones

Then there are 3 more picks before the giants pick.

This is the next group of guys
WR Patterson
WR Allen
TE Eifert/Ertz
DE Okafor/Jones
DT Hankins/Floyd

Just saying, its entirely possible that all the guys that are commonly mocked to the giants could easily be gone. Yes someone could fall, but thats not the point of this. Just trying to look at what guys are probably going to still be there. Of course a run on QBs always helps