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Thread: Whoops!

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    Everything is coming out of the closet this week. I'm now expecting a report to surface about Jaws somehow being related to Michael Vick which would explain the unusual amount of sucking up he receives even for an Eagles QB.

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    Actually not a bad time for this to come out if you're Marino . . . gets buried in all the SB hype stories.

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    TOUCHDOWN..!! Dan Marino

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    Source Article calls Marino one of the most "Squeaky Clean" guys in pro sports.

    Well, That's not what I heard...

    Supposedly he fell in the draft because he was always coke'd out at PITT.
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    This. Pugh is not happening. Not. Happening.

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    Whoops? That's what she said.

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    I think I know how he feels right now.


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