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Thread: Whoops!

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    Everything is coming out of the closet this week. I'm now expecting a report to surface about Jaws somehow being related to Michael Vick which would explain the unusual amount of sucking up he receives even for an Eagles QB.
    3/25/14 - Updated Mock with 5th round comp pick

    1. Anthony Barr, Defensive End, UCLA
    2. Marcus Martin, Center Guard, USC
    3. Anthony Johnson, Defensive Nostril Tackle, LSU
    4. Marcel Jensen, Offensive End, Fresno State
    5. Wesley Johnson, Offensive Any Guard, Vanderbilt
    5. Aaron Colvin, Defensive Halfback, Oklahoma
    6. Storm Johnson, Guy Who Runs With Football, UCF

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    Actually not a bad time for this to come out if you're Marino . . . gets buried in all the SB hype stories.

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    TOUCHDOWN..!! Dan Marino
    (1)Aaron Donald, DT Pittsburgh - (2)Jordan Matthews, WR Vanderbilt - (3)Jack Mewhort, OL Ohio State
    (4)Arthur Lynch, TE Georgia - (5)Bryan Stork, C Florida State - (5)Tyler Gaffney, RB Stanford
    (6)Prince Shembo, OLB Notre Dame

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    Source Article calls Marino one of the most "Squeaky Clean" guys in pro sports.

    Well, That's not what I heard...

    Supposedly he fell in the draft because he was always coke'd out at PITT.
    Quote Originally Posted by PBTimmons View Post
    This. Pugh is not happening. Not. Happening.

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    Whoops? That's what she said.

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    I think I know how he feels right now.


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