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Thread: What IF we went WR in the 1st round?

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    What IF we went WR in the 1st round?

    What if JR and the FO went and did something completely out of character.......and drafted a WR in the 1st? Possible? We have yet to re-sign Cruz, Nick's contract is up in 2014, and behind them is RR and JJ.....

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    I said this in another thread earlier..I think we have bigger needs but I wouldn't hate it. Can never have enough weapons for our QB

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    I would hate it.. alot

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    JR has spent a lot of early draft picks in recent years on WRs. So much so, that other needs have fallen by the wayside.

    This year, we lost games in the trenches. That problem will continue to grow worse unless we address it.

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    If we're going to draft a questionable position of need, I'd rather it be Giovani Bernard or Eddie Lacy.

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    Will never happen. We are definitely keeping either Cruz or Nicks. Most likely both and then we have Rueben Randle who is gonna be a stud waiting in the wings.

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    we are not going to draft a WR, even somehow we trade cruz for draft picks. WR is not going to be the choice for us in the first 4 rounds of the draft i believe.

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    Would hate it, but Patterson is beast.

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    If we didn't take Randle last year, it would be a strong possibility. Odds are that any WRs we explore in the draft will be a mid to late round selection or even a few UDFAs come in to camp.

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    ive been saying im all for BPA WR in rounds 4+.....but anything earlier seems silly, considering all of our other needs

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