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Not sure but part of it can be contractual.

For instance the Eagles didn't cut Vick, which means he gets his $3 mill roster bonus. However the roster bonus is a collective agreement, meaning that if he goes to another team and gets more than $3 mill, then the Eagles are off the hook for it.

Not exactly the same thing but you get the idea. I've heard both ways on signing bonuses ... cap hit prorated over two years after cut and over the original life of the contract. I haven't been able to confirm either way.
Well I don't think it would be contractual because it doesn't really concern the player at all. Just how the team handles the salary cap. I think they get to make the decision when releasing a player how they want that signing bonus handled.

But for now, I'm just going to assume that all future signing bonus prorates and hits the season the player is released. Won't be always right, but it should be pretty accurate for our needs