I don't know how many times I have seen this written in posts on these boards. I am curious how peolpe know this? Is it because he has been vocal about his lack of satisfaction with Cleveland? That's a pretty weak reason if you ask me. What about when Eli flat out refused to be drafted by the Chargers? Isn't that more selfish than expressing interest in being traded? Seriously, an unproven, unsigend, rookie QB was telling the team drafting him he didn't want to play for them?! That is beyond selfish and dwarfs anything Edwards has done.

The point is this, just because a player at one time or anotherhas a"me-first" attitude it doesn't mean we can't win a superbowl with him (like we did with Eli).

Are there real reasons that Edwards' attitude will stop us from being successful or are people just type-casting him because he is a young, black WR?