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Thread: Live mock draft question

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    Live mock draft question

    Does anyone know of a website where you can do a live mock draft with 32 other people? Their has to be something like that out there. Thanks in advance.

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    I wish I knew of such a thing. We could all see how bad we are at being GMs.
    3/25/14 - Updated Mock with 5th round comp pick

    1. Anthony Barr, Defensive End, UCLA
    2. Marcus Martin, Center Guard, USC
    3. Anthony Johnson, Defensive Nostril Tackle, LSU
    4. Marcel Jensen, Offensive End, Fresno State
    5. Wesley Johnson, Offensive Any Guard, Vanderbilt
    5. Aaron Colvin, Defensive Halfback, Oklahoma
    6. Storm Johnson, Guy Who Runs With Football, UCF

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    There was actually a site that did something like this someone posted last year. You basically select a team to draft for at their respective position. It continuously displays two draft prospects to choose from. [Jerel Worthy vs. Donte Hightower]

    This basically is input into an algorithm which factors in with others who picked for your same team. It then does a mock based on tendencies on which fans of that team favored certain players over others.

    I can't remember the site, but someone here should. It was interesting. It was probably very erroneous and unrealistic, but interesting nonethless.

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