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The coaches cant insulate webster and give him help all season, its just not possible to do that with an outside corner. About all they could do is give him some help deep middle on most plays.

To be a starting NFL CB you HAVE to be able to win one on one battles against top WRs. Nelson was really GBs #3 receiver. Yes hes good, but its not like he was the one guy the giants had to go into the game worried about.

They left prince alone on Jones for a lot of that game as well, as they paid more attention to Cobb.
And for the most part, it worked... IMO, the defensive scheme and execution in that game was pretty good. I agree that to be a starting NFL CB you have to win those one on one battles, or at least most of them, because even the best are going to give up a play here or there. You and I seem to be having two different discussions though, I don't question that he should make those plays as a starting CB, he should, but clearly did not for the majority of the season. What I am saying is that at some point the coaches should have realized he was playing poorly and rather than continuing to allow that they should have looked for a different solution at some point in the season. You can argue it is Websters fault for not executing, I will argue that it is the coaches fault that they didn't do anything about it. The reality is, it is both.