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Thread: MtLife Stadium Nearly Had Retractable Roof But Giants and Jets Passed Due To Cost

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    Quote Originally Posted by Redeyejedi View Post
    Which never happens without boat loads of extra cash for anyone that is involved with large construction will testify to. Tons of wasted OT and man power
    No doubt
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    Quote Originally Posted by jomo View Post
    That's a little backward isn't it?
    Don't forget Jomo, these are people who initially estimated the stadium would cost $800 million to build. They were only off by $900 million.

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    Damn mob shakedowns.

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    It's no surprise. A static dome can get expensive due to it's span itself. Nixing the retractable roof saves money not just on material, mechanical and labor, but it completely alters the way the rest of the stadium is built.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nhpgiantsfan View Post
    I agree I would never want to have a home Giants game in doors. But if they put a retractable roof on the stadium, they probably could've made that $500 million back pretty quickly with all of the "other" events that they could've booked in the building, all year long, over the life of the building.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MikeyMike01 View Post
    I hope there's a goddamn blizzard during the game.
    That would be the ****.

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    They would of made the 500 million back within a year with events.

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