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Thread: is Marvin Austin a bust?

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    didnt know you were a fan of the Cowboys Buddy

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    Quote Originally Posted by Redeyejedi View Post
    If he doesnt come into camp in the best shape of his life and ready to go he will be cut. I sense this is his last chance
    Agree. Don't think they will waste time with him if he shows up out of shape.

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    officially? no. unofficially? about as close a player can get to being a bust

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    Quote Originally Posted by ny06 View Post
    Oh I have not forgot about that, it's inexcusable to come into OTA's out of shape.
    he was dealing with back issues too esp at training camp and those twin size beds...cant really be trying to get all pumped up when ur tryig to rest ur back...dont get me wrong, i didnt like it either. just saying it wasnt as if he came in out of shape as a way to say F U or something to the nyg

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    Quote Originally Posted by ny06 View Post
    He was relatively healthy this season. But it was ovbious that he was not showing the coaches anything for not being on the active roster most of the year.
    It's now or never this season for Austin...
    Now or never sounds about right. Every roster spot is valuable and he's taking up one of them.
    No one remembers who came in second.

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    He isn't a bust yet...but if he comes into training camp again looking like fat Albert than he might me. He will need to have a good camp and pre-season or he's a goner

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    i dont know if hes considered a bust yet! this is his 3rd year coming up so we will be in a better position after that.

    hes been hampered by injuries so he really hasnt had much of a chance to show potential.

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    This year will tell all for Austin.. I sure as hell hope he's not a bust

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    Quote Originally Posted by blueribbon View Post
    I'm starting to think maybe he is.
    I haven't seen much of him this past season to say that he is bust.
    Lets go, Giants!

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    It's starting to look that way. He's definitely going to need to do something this year to not be.

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