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Thread: is Marvin Austin a bust?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DownWitJPP View Post
    follow him on twitter...he is more concerned with being the next rap superstar then playing football

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    Quote Originally Posted by jomo View Post
    Every year we roll the dice with several of these project players. Some work out (like I hope we are seeing with Will Hill) others don't work out like seems to be the case with Austin. It is just business.
    We usually only have one a year of these types but usually they are lower down in the draft (e.g. Bradshaw, Hosley, etc ...).

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    I wouldn't say bust yet. I think we have to give this kid some more time to get used to the pro game. Not everyone is Ndamukong Suh and starts playing at an elite level right out of the gate. Look at a guy like Mcoy His first two years were mediocre and riddled with injury this year he made the pro bowl... Sometimes it takes some time for things to click with some guys. If he really is lazy and and doesn't put in the work he will be gone the Coughlin is not going to tolerate that.

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