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    1st round playoff question.

    ummm quick question. just had a brain fart. if new orleans is the #3 seed (which they will be, san fran is winning next week to lock up the #2 seed) are they automaticly unable to play atlanta in the 1st round since they play in the same divison or does that not matter at all? thanks. i feel like that is only a baseball rule but i hardly slept last night and i think im delusional right now. haha.

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    Re: 1st round playoff question.

    i dont think it matters if they are in the same division or not.

    seeding is what matters. 3 plays 6 and 4 plays 5 regardless of who the teams are.

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    Re: 1st round playoff question.

    ok. well i hope that new orleans would have the tiebreaker over detroit if new orleans loses their next 2 games and atlanta wins the divison over them and detroit wins their week 17 game the saints and lions would both be 10-5. does anybody know who would hold that tiebreaker for the 5th and 6th seeds respectivley? please tell me its mathimaticly impossible for the saint to get the 6th seed! haha. (though i guess we would fair much better in the meadowlands than in the dome)


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