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I didn't read this whole thread, sorry but here's my short input. With what I did read I do tend to agree that eventually all QB's must develop into more of a pocket passer to not only win a championship but to also prolong their career. I don't think I would want a run first type QB like Vick but I wouldn't mind to have a guy who has scrambling abilities... meaning one who can escape the pocket if a play breaks down. Someone like a Geno Smith fits that mold... I like Johnny Manziel but I think he's a run first type and might get hurt in the NFL.

I wouldn't like a QB who's inaccurate or doesn't at least go through his reads before trying to take off unless the play is designed. I think when some of us say mobile QB's some of you guys get us confused. In years past, most scrambling QB's didn't win the big game because coaches didn't know how to use em right. Imagine a young Vick in the option offense, he probably would've been more effective.
Vick would be horrible in an option offense. One of the biggest things you need in an option scheme (outside of the physical ability of course) is to be able to read defenses reasonably well. That is something that Vick has never excelled at.

Honestly, I don't care what kind of QB the Giants pick up after Eli is gone, so long as he's good. However, I'm not a terribly big fan of having too many designed runs for the QB. It's just too much wear and tear, and if you're going to pay a guy big bucks I'd prefer that we'd do all that we could to keep him healthy.

Joe Montana brought up a very interesting point today on the radio about running QBs and why they might become less effective than traditional drop back passers: What do you often see a RB do after a big run? Check himself out of the game for a couple plays while he catches his breath. As a QB, you can't do that. You have to stay in the game even if you're winded. And if you're winded, you might not be able to throw the ball as well or possibly even read the defense as well.

I don't know. I just thought that that was an interesting tidbit that I don't think anyone has mentioned before.