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The OP introduced Ben to the conversation. I just pointed out I don't think he is a mobile QB, least wise how I define a mobile QB. The other part of my assesment just comes from a football fan who is tired of seeing unethical players get away with murder. Whenever someone idolizes this person, I feel I must point out his one huge flaw. Ben put himself into that category of players when he decided to go to a bar full of drunk, barely legal (maybe), girls.... and escort one to the bathroom while his goons guarded the door. If he was any kind of person, he would not have been there with those young girls to start with... but since he was, he should have been responsible enought to have kept his pants zipped. The right thing to have done is bought the girl a cab ride home, not take advantage of an unfortunate situation. Of course, maybe you feel otherwise, and that is your perogative. I don't see any difference in taking advantage of a drunk girl thank slipping her a drug in her drink. I just know if the young lady had been one of my daughters..... By the way, he never denied what happened in the bathroom. He just said it was consentual.... again, what a jerk for taking advantage of a drunk, younger, girl. OK... I will let this one go, I know he is your hero.
I have no affection for Ben Roethlisberger. I like him as a QB and thats it. I think he can play.
All these pro athletes are often self important dopes who think they are entitled to anything they want. Unfortunately, there are women out there who are perfectly willing to give it to them. I assume that Ben is just another example of that.
And I'm sure your daughters would never find themselves in that situation. I know my daughters (and I have 3) wouldn't as well.

The bottom line is that I don't want to know what these guys do in their private lives. Just go play.

Getting back to football, Ben is very mobile in the pocket and behind the LOS in general. What he does is what most great QB's do. They move to create time and are constantly looking downfield to find the open guy. He doesn't just look once and tuck it and run.