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Thread: Frank Gore: San Francisco 49ers 'were the better team'

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    This is a very sad statement for Frank Gore and the 49ers. The Ravens looked better in almost all aspects of the game. The Ravens lost all momentum after that outage. It's not a myth that you can lose momentum like that.

    37 minutes is a lot of time for Jim to rally up his team and get the players feeling good about getting back in the game. When you are down that many points and you continue to play, it's very difficult to get into a different mindset when the time is clicking.

    When you have 37 minutes to stay calm and relax for those 37 minutes, it's enough time for the team to get their mindset straight.

    Sorry Frank Gore, but Baltimore played lights out all game.

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    Their defense gave up nearly 300 in the air. Whitner and Culliver were being burned all night long. Flacco had three touchdowns to no interceptions. That vaunted 49ers defense just got absolutely torched. I know they ended up getting Flacco on the ground at least twice, but he was able to escape pressure even more than that.

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    I really just think that it's a maturity issue over there all around. The HC certainly doesn't help at all in that aspect. But yeah, between these guys and the Packers, It's definitely getting out of hand as of late. They have this bizarre sense of entitlement, and as many other posters already pointed out -- these guys got completely outplayed up until the power outage. It wasn't even interesting.

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    the "better team" never puts themselves in that position to begin with. mr. gore, have a coke and a smile and shut the heck up!

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    LOL man these 49ers are the worst examples of sportsmen I can remember....worse than the Packers.

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    LOL it's funny though, tha is their Team motto and that ****'s pathetic.

    Hey Gore, BEFORE the advantageous power outage?

    The Ravens were mollywopping your ***** *** es, you f'n punk.

    **** the Whiners!!!

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    For a team that's always "the better team" they sure lose a lot

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheAnalyst View Post
    Nice but none of their fans will get it.

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    Frank Gore I actually liked this guy before hearing this... What a sore loser not only does your team **** the bed in the Super Bowl but you go ahead and try to disminish the effort and performance of the clearly better team. So sad Frank Gore you should be ashamed of yourself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SweetZombieJesus View Post
    For a team that's always "the better team" they sure lose a lot

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