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Thread: I saw Carl Banks at the Super Bowl...

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    I saw Carl Banks at the Super Bowl...

    I was surprised at how big he was. I'm 6"0' and he towered over me. But skinnier than any LBer you'd see today. Then again, he hasn't played in years, so he's not in playing shape anymore. Seemed extremely laid back.

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    He was huge coming out of Michigan St, at least 6'4". He could also seal an edge like no one we've had since.
    No one remembers who came in second.

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    Banks was an awesome player. Lined up opposite of LT made for as lethal an outside LB pair as you will every find.

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    Try going to a basketball game. I remember going for the first time. Tony Parker looks small on the court but dang, that dude's a giant.

    Hmm bad example. I guess Michael Jordan. I didn't realize how big he was either.

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    I'll never forget seeing John Starks in person and thinking "Wow, that giant is the same tiny guy I see on TV next to Ewing?"

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    It's pretty funny how much smaller the football field or basketball court appear to be in person for the first time, since you're used to watching it on television all the time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gumby74 View Post
    Try going to a basketball game. I remember going for the first time. Tony Parker looks small on the court but dang, that dude's a giant.

    Hmm bad example. I guess Michael Jordan. I didn't realize how big he was either.
    Yeah, I ran into Steve Nash in the Phoenix airport one time. He's the shortest man on the court, but was like 6'4". Taller than anyone else in the airport. These athletes are freaks. The players on the field are faster than any human you know, but they're also bigger than anyone you know. That's why they are pro and the rest of us watch.

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    I bumped into William Roberts and LT at a nets game (Kareem's last game at the Meadowlands, just a few years back) while both were still playing. I almost didn't recognize LT, cause he looked so small next to Roberts. He's a mountain of a man. I didn't know they made flannel shirts that big until that night.

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    Talk of how big the "FOOTBALL PLAYERS" are , takes me back to when I played. Yes , many,many years ago !!!! In the MID -1960's.
    I was playing Semi-pro football . I weight about 240 pounds , a little over 6 foot. I played both ways on the line. We played other teams , whose players were on the "TAXI -squads of the Eagles and Colts. I was actually one of the biggest players in the league. My coach was a scout for Penn State , and wanted me to talk to Joe Paterno. He thought I had a good chance of getting a small scholarship. Joe had d-lineman like John Ebersole who was same size as me . Ebersole played for the Jets ,later.
    I am not writing to brag about me , I decided to work at Bethlehem Steel {was making $ 2.85an hour , damn good money back then, who needed college , DUH !!!} THe reason I am writing is , I watch games faithfully. I scream and holler at some hits I see. Always saying " that was a great hit", why the penalty. But , the size ,the speed of today's players , just amazes me. I am surprised there are not more serious injuries.
    I respect every player who plays the game I Loved to play and Love to watch . You make this oldtimer , feel those hits Of the "LINE".

    Thanks for the memories !!!!! DAMN , I wish I could play one more game . [In my dreams tonite, LOL]

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    A few of you guys would rememder Jeff Weston. He played a few years for the Giants in the late 70's and early 80's. He was a D lineman for Notre Dame. He was a good player until he blew up a knee. He ended up playing OT for the Giants. He struggled with injuries until his knee went out for good after only 4 pro seasons. I was 3 yrs younger than him when he played for a rival high school in Greece, NY. Hell of a nice guy. HUGE by the standard of the day. 6' 5" 260#. He was the first guy that big I saw up close. He got out of his car and blocked out the sun. HAHAHA. I still remember watching him workout during the summers he was at N.D. He'd push his dad around the neighborhood in their old Buick LeSabre. Big car back then. I can't even comprehend 6' 8" 320# of today.

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