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I was surprised at how big he was. I'm 6"0' and he towered over me. But skinnier than any LBer you'd see today. Then again, he hasn't played in years, so he's not in playing shape anymore. Seemed extremely laid back.
I used to see a lot of the players in the early to mid 90s at a club called Joey's Place in Lodi (I believe), NJ. Many of the Giants would go there on Sunday evenings after a home game. Yes, seeing them in person you realize just how big these guys are, smallest being Dave Meggett at the time but had a massive ego problem.
I was in line to use the men's room, Jumbo Elliott walks by everyone in line, picks up a small Italian guy, this guy was maybe 5'5" and Jumbo lifts him by his sides as he's peeing and moves him to the side. Jumbo then begins to do his business at the urinal and the small Italian guy began going off like Joe Pesci in Goodfellas. Mother effed him up and down, he was like a Pitbull, relentless with his verbal attacking of Jumbo. It was one of the most hilarious incidents I've ever witnessed.
LT would show up a lot and leave within 15 to 20 minutes, for good reason, hook ups.