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    Flacco's 3rd and short pass essentially ensured the SB win...

    What does this have to do with Giants football? Well, the mentality to pass on 3rd and short was questioned throughout the year. I just found it fitting, that in the ultimate "run it on 3rd and 1" situation, the Ravens checked to a pass and threw it, which lead to the fg differential that decided the game...

    Granted, had that pass been incomplete, the decision there would be questioned forever. But the way I see it, its kind of like going for it on 4th and short late in the game when you are already ahead by a fg or smething. You're essentially trying to grab victory by the horns instead of letting the decision of who wins/loses come down to fate...

    what did some of u guys who dont like our mentalityof passing on 3rd and short feel about the ravens doing it in a pivotal moment?

    i found it interesting they went to that particular pass play in that situation that we always use, that backshoulder fade
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