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    Five Things Giants Have To Do To Reach Next Season's Super Bowl


    Excerpt: "One year ago, the Giants were bundling up and gearing up for their victory parade through the Canyon Heroes as newly-crowned Super Bowl champions. Their quest for as repeat fell flat, as they didn’t even get into the playoffs. There’s work to be done, especially on defense, but here’s how they can be a factor in 2013:


    If the Giants cannot hound the quarterback they cannot play defense and without a fearsome rush they don’t win two Super Bowls in a five-year span. Now it’s time for retooling. Osi Umenyiora likely won’t be re-signed and even if Mathias Kiwanuka becomes a full-time defensive end another pass-rusher is needed, even if the Giants are confident Justin Tuck has plenty left in the tank.


    The dynamic nature to the entire offense never materialized because Hakeem Nicks wasn’t healthy all season, bothered and at times sidelined first with foot issues and then with a bum knee. He’s entering the last year of his contract and needs to return to form to cash in.


    It is no coincidence that the 49ers represented the NFC in the Super Bowl and their five offensive linemen started every game, all 19 of ‘em. Lots of unknowns with Giants, as left tackle Will Beatty and right guard Kevin Boothe are free agents, right tackle David Diehl is on the downside and right guard Chris Snee is having hip surgery.
    "
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    I'm not really confident in Tuck anymore. maybe it's too early for me to say that, but to assume he was playing injured for 2 years in a row really makes me question his longevity. I think we get another DE through the draft. Hopefully we can get someone who works out as early as JPP. Stud DEs arent exactly falling off the defense tree these days.
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    ain't that a depressing article.

    find a passrush that isn't there anymore, get a guy healthy who looks like he's breaking down, fix a line where 4 of 5 members could be gone or are declining in performance, and get hungry when some guys on the team already have 2 rings.


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    That's why I think they will draft a DE first. Get the pass rush fixed and that will go a long way. Also, the offense was as much to blame as the defense. It seems everyone just keeps calling out the defense but the fact is the offense did as much to lose this year as the defense did. Part of that was injury and part of it was poor play. Both can change next year without making a single roster move. Then make a roster move by adding a RT and things could be much different this year.

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    Not sucking would help a great deal.

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    How about: Discover a killer instinct & consistently play with pride

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    Personally, I think fixing the Oline will go a long way toward fixing some of the other problems.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GMAN2K9 View Post
    How about: Discover a killer instinct & consistently play with pride
    The biggest thing. Hopefully we can be underdogs again.

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    Not having our schedule backloaded with all the good opponents at the end when we start to wear down might help with that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rusty192 View Post
    Not having our schedule backloaded with all the good opponents at the end when we start to wear down might help with that.
    agreed i would prefer to start out 4-4 and finish strong then 6-2 and imploding rest of season.. scartch that id rather we won every game

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