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Thread: Chris Gamble?

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    Chris Gamble?

    Hey Giants fans, what are your thoughts on Chris Gamble?
    Word on the streets is that Panthers will be cutting him soon.
    I know he is coming off an ACL injury, but he was pretty good before it.

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    after we take care of our own guys, yes he's worth the Gamble

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    No thanks!

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    He was a pretty decent CB in Carolina, if he's willing to settle for the right price then we gotta give him an invite to camp
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    Quote Originally Posted by Carter.525 View Post
    after we take care of our own guys, yes he's worth the Gamble
    i like what you did there and i agree

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    Assuming he works for free, we still couldn't afford him.

    If we end up cutting Canty and Bradshaw and restructuring DD, then I'd say yes (although I think they address CB depth in the draft this year).

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