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Thread: Why are you a GIANTS fan?

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    Why are you a GIANTS fan?

    I am because of Super Bowl 42. I have been ever since. Going into the Super Bowl as the extreme underdogs, only to rise above the Patriots. 18-1 will forever be my reason. They proved all the doubters wrong that day. And of course the helmet catch. Lol. Props to David Tyree and Eli. Forever in the books...GIANTS-17, PATRIOTS-14. And 46 was awesome to have it happen all again. Maybe once more to silence the remaining doubters forever?But then again, why worry about them now. Ah, they don't matter. This is our year. And here's to many more to come. Cheers.
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    I followed the team since the late 90's but didn't really call myself a fan. I was an Oilers fan most of my life. When they moved to Nashville, I looked for a new team. So I started watching the NYG (since I visited NY city at least once a year for several years). But, I still wasn't a true fan. Being an Ole Miss guy, I bought in when they drafted Eli Manning. I've been a die-hard fan since 2004.

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    my Uncle was a huge Giants fan when I was a kid.. It was my destiny

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    I was raised from birth as a Giants fan. First season I could remember however was 1994... I still cheered as hard as I could for Dave Brown, though... poor guy
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    I'm Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite team in the NFL.

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    Because in 1959, a year after the game that my dad attended, the Giants & Colts Championship, I was born. 11/11 veterans day and mom said I was an Rh factor baby and I immediately needed a blood transfusion.
    I am pretty sure that the blood was blue.
    End of story.
    "There is winning and there is Misery"

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    Been a giants fan since 1980. Funny thing is I have 3 older brothers 2 of them are Dolphin fans and the other a Jet's fan ( I make fun of him to this day...i.e. The Ken O'Brien days LOL))

    I can't really explain why I became a fan of Big Blue except that I was born and raised in NY and I bleed blue....that's about it.
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    Watched them lose against the viking is 07 and became a fan ever since

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    Growing up in Syracuse NY and I was 8 in 1982 and we went to my Uncles house and he was watching the Giants VS Eagles and I started copying him as he was yelling at the tv and every since I have been a fan of the NY FOOTBALL GIANTS the greatest franchise in sports!!
    ALL IN!

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    after seeing that other thread on the first page, i think its because of kate mara.........

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    Rochester, NY Yes Bills contry what can I do its where I live
    In 1966 at age 8, I got a vibrating electronic football game. They came with white and yellow players and a paint set. Giants and Packers. The red, white, and blue Giants always kicked Packer butt. A fan was born. Watching Fran Tarkington as a Giant was great. Tucker Frederickson, Bob Tucker, Spider Lockhart, Pete Athas. Just some of the names I think back on. A lot of lean years makes me so happy about what this team has done since the 80's.

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