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    why do so many people say the giants always draft BPA?

    I see this being said a lot and reese's track record doesn't seem to support this claim. however, I wouldn't go as far as to say he reaches on players. I think he just finds a good mix of need/value.

    in 2008 we lost gibril, he drafts Kenny Phillips
    in 2009 we lost plax, he drafts Hakeem Nicks
    in 2012 we lost Jacobs, drafts Wilson, lost ross, drafts hosley, lost manningham, drafts randle

    i just want people to realize that it's OKAY to fill your needs through the draft as long as you're not reaching too far for a guy. it seems like too many people mindlessly come out and state "BPA no matter what!!" which is a simple minded way of thinking.

    let's say you're picking at #20 in the draft and you need a CB really bad and you have him ranked #25 on your value chart. but then there's an OT who's rated #15 on your value board, but you're all set at that position. i really don't think there's THAT much of a difference in value from the 15-25 area.

    i just want people to realize that sometimes if you really need a guy at a certain position, it's not the worst thing to take the guy rated a little bit lower. i think it's more important to draft for value in the later rounds since teams are less likely to fill a crucial need with a low round pick.

    this is not to imply that we shouldn't have drafted JPP (since i know this argument will be brought to the table) just because we had plenty of DE's. if you really have a conviction on a guy the way reese and our FO did with JPP and think he's an enormous talent too good to pass up, then by all means go for it.

    but if it's a situation like i described before with taking a slightly lower valued player because he fulfills a big need, it's not a bad thing like so many people make it out to be.
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