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Thread: why do so many people say the giants always draft BPA?

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    Quote Originally Posted by myles2424 View Post
    reese has said plenty times, they stick to BPA....But will fill BPA that happens to be a need also when multiple BPA's may be closely ranked on their board
    Yeah that's pretty much what I was tryin to say.

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    We simply draft smart.. It dosen't mean the players will always be good, because thats just impossible to forsee, but we draft smart almost always.. Yes, we draft for NEED, but mostly becuase the player were drafting is close if not thee best player available and happens to fill a need..

    For instance, KP was the highest ranked S the yr he came out and almost everyone had em going in the first rd, so why woulden't we take em?

    Now fast forward to Hakeem Nicks, who was a 1st rd prospect who some had going before we drafted em, so why not draft em, seeing how its need and value?

    With JPP and Prince, u can kinda see that hes willing to go BPA over need.. Sure, DE and CB could always use replenishments, and thank god we did take Prince and JPP looking at CB and DE on our team right now, but many could of argued other positons were of more dire need at the time of those picks, adn yet we still went with em..

    My point is this.. Theres a reason why i always rave about Jerry Reeses drafts(outside of last yrs), and thats becuase he simply drafts smart.. He isn't afraid to go BPA, but most of the time, figures out how to get good solid value per rd with positons of need.. He simply knows what hes doing and has a good eye for talent..

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    To many the term BPA means best pick available regardless of position. I believe this to be incorrect.

    Or at least, if is is correct NO team in the NFL drafts that way.

    The fact is BPA does include need into the equation.

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    The Giants draft in a combination of what they need and the best player available for what they need. The Giants are not a team that simply goes for the best player on the board when they arent hurting in that position. Giants draft by what they need and or are weak on and then go for the best available according to what they are looking for. They draft very smart!!!!! But they are willing to take chances as well cause they are not afraid to develope talent that is RAW.

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    Need and BPA aren't exclusive from one another.

    I'm sure BPA covers several metrics, one of which includes need [both current and impending], as well as personal philosophies on positional value, different analyses and interpretation of the players themselves, compatibility with one's own system, etc. etc.

    BPA is also relative not just to teams, but to each individual involved in the decisions. I doubt the war room always makes consensus picks, but rather each individual makes a case for who they believe is the best value.

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