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Thread: I Say We Trade Down In The Draft

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    Quote Originally Posted by Morehead State View Post
    I don't know....most teams use the entire time to see if anyone wants to make an offer.
    I'd say its half and half just based on memory. I'm not sure if there is an actual place to check how much time teams took in the draft or not.

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    giants value quality and not quantity...they wont be trading down

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheEnigma View Post
    I'd say its half and half just based on memory. I'm not sure if there is an actual place to check how much time teams took in the draft or not.
    Wasn't last years draft (1st round) the fastest ever or something? I remember teams getting their picks in fast. Not that it really matters so much though... The Giants are right in the middle of the pack this year and it's very likely the players their shooting for could be gone. I wouldn't be surprised at all if they trade down...I'd actually be all for it, especially considering all the holes they may have this season.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheEnigma View Post
    This is correct and was confirmed by Reese last year in his Post Draft presser. He alluded to listening to deals that gave us the "mother load". If the Giants use most of the clock again this year, it's safe to speculate that the same thing is happening once more.
    but he still didnt make the trade.

    obviously any GM would trade down or up if the price is right.

    basically why I meant when I said the giants tend not to trade picks is that their recent history is to stay put. they're not like the pats or eagles who like to trade their picks all over the place.

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    It depends who is left obviously, but with our draft position at 19 I would love to trade down. I highly doubt there will be any DEs or CBs left worth taking in the first at that point, and depending on which OTs and LBs are left I wouldn't mind moving back a few spots for a mid to late second rounder

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    Giants may seem to have more holes this year, but you don't know how JR feels about some of the guys we already have. (Like Tracy, Ojomo, Robinson, Brewer.) You also don't know what FA moves he makes in the meantime. And we don't know who we resign of our former players. What if JR thinks Brewer is ready to start? If he does, he might not address RT in the draft or in FA, and that would leave a lot of us scratching our heads.

    That said, if JR thinks we need more picks and gets a good offer, he will trade down.
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    Why bother, the staff won't play any of the rookies anyway. You may as well take the BPA so that they can be ready year 2 or 3.

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    absolutely they'll trade down if they can, but the value of what you get for trading down seems to be declining over the last few years.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moke View Post
    What are you willing to do then, OP? Give us some of your suggestions on what we trade down with?
    I'd love to trade down and accumulate picks but what people don't understand is its not just up to the giants.. Obviously they have to find a team that is willing to move up and give us what we thinks fair.. Its not as easy as "we should move down"..lol

    Something i was thinking about , and hoping maybe reese would talk to MIA about is trading our 1st to Miami for there 2nd's and maybe a 5th...

    The dolphins could then secure someone at 12(maybe Fisher?) and then grab a WR at 19 like Keenan Allen? We would then have 3 2nd rders, a 3rd, and i bet we get a comp pick or 2 with OSI and KP most likely leaving as well.. We'd have tons of picks in a draft that has most underclassmen ever...

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    If guys we were hoping for are gone & no clear cut BPA's, then yes a extra pick would be great...But if there's any kind of a potential difference maker there then no way...

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