I've been a life long Giants fan ( 30 plus years and counting ) always been proud of this franchise and by God always will. I've seen through out the years tough FO personnel decisions made, Bavaro, Banks, Pepper Johnson, Burt, Jesse Armstead and the list goes on and on, all those decision based on contract disputes, injury issues and when FA era started the calls got tougher not only for the Giants but for all NFL teams. But one thing I would HATE seeing happening to this franchise in relation to the FO is decisions made by the presence of a $hi....ty salary cap situation inflated in the first place by the own team with irresponsible managment. I've always mocked teams that have lived all their lives under bad administrations putting their franchise at the bottom of salary caps by awful financial decisions , the Raiders amoung others are the laughing-stock of the NFL in this regard and year in and year out they keep it up. Reese has a difficult job no different compared with other GMs around the league but I can't seem to put this bad taste out of my mouth right now thinking that in a very good part this hard decisions cutting players have been taken based on awful cap managment ( huge contracts with no intentions to fulfill, constant contract restructuring asked for some players, etc ) . If this Is going to be a rough ride to keep us out of cap hell? Then fine but I don't want this to become a trend for the future, living in cap hell by the result of bad managment. Those, my two cents. Go Giants!