It's obvious that Wilson will be running the ball. They didn't draft him just to be a KO returner.
However, he is dynamic and can really provide good, no great, field position for our offense. That is a huge thing.

If he gets hurt and goes out, the Giants are screwed both at RB running the ball and KO Returning.

For this reason, there is no doubt that they will have to deploy someone else with speed to take over KO returns.

Scott and/or JJ are good candidates.

We will need another RB for depth!!!
I'm disappointed that Bradsahw was cut. He is still good and has tread on his tires. He would have been a great 3rd down RB.
He can run, has intensity, can block for Eli, and can catch passes.
I hope they can still bring him back for a reduced salary ??

If we do not get Bradshaw to return at a reduced salary, then with all of the psn needs we have, I can see the Giants drafting another RB.
Lacy would be a nice complementary RB with Wilson

However, it may be more palletable to get another RB via FA.