Our training program, our drafts, our FA choices should be geared for SPEED this year. With the onset of the new fatster mobile QB's coming in to the league, or Defense ( particularly our LB corp ) have shown to be too slow in the persuit. Our traininers should be adjusting from BULKING UP to getting leaner and meaner, and faster on all phases. ST especially. We need faster coverage downfield and keep the field LONG for the opponent Offense.

Even our O-Line could use a little less Meat and more Feet, in run blocking and fending off the faster rush from opposing D. Not saying thin out and get weaker..just need to get faster. I watched too many games last year where it looked like we were stuck in 1st gear while the opponent was already in 3rd. We already have a fast RB in Wilson, and his speed has made a HUGE difference, compared to the led foot power running we have become accustomed to by our backs.

Our LB's get burned everytime and sem to give up 6-7 yeards at least, in the run-option. Our D-Line could ude a little more agility too.

We can still be BEEFED in the center, but the outside, we need a quicker surge.