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    I say we give up Smith.

    Just hear me out. I for one love Smith and what he has done and is capable of doing but lets get real, he will never be a #1 in this league. Maybe not even a good #2. By trading Smith we keep our 1st rnd pick with that we could snag a LB. Imagine how much better our already Nasty Defense could be if we could get Laurinitus or somehow land Mauluga. We'd have plaxicos replacement in BE and then we could draft smiths replacement in rnd 2. Believe me its gnna be easier to replace Smith than it will be Plax. There are some good wrs in this draft. In the 2nd rnd we could get Robinski or maybe even Britt if he drops that far who knows. We all want BE but were not getting him for nothing. This deal will get done imo but not for just and 2nd and a 5th. Plus by giving in to Smith we can ensure Kiwi is still wearing Blue next season.

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    Re: I say we give up Smith.

    I say no.

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    Re: I say we give up Smith.

    I'll be honest. I didn't read the OP. I'm on the No train

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    Re: I say we give up Smith.

    [quote user="DubFowler"]I'll be honest. I didn't read the OP. I'm on the No train[/quote]


    "Our O-Line"

    p.s. the kid is fine, its from Americas funniest

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    Re: I say we give up Smith.


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    Re: I say we give up Smith.

    I say your on crack........

    You might be right in that Smith can never be a #1. But he is a smooth crisp route runner and definitly WILL be a SOLID # 2 for years to come.

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    Re: I say we give up Smith. all means let's give up a productive guy at a postion we have the least depth at. BRILLIANT!!! I don't know why no one has thought of this before.
    I stopped fighting my inner demons. We're on the same side now.

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    Re: I say we give up Smith.

    and i say thats just foolish. give a wr to get a wr??? not happening

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    Re: I say we give up Smith.


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    Re: I say we give up Smith.

    I think having a guy in the slot that can make plays on 3rd down is just as important as having a #1wr. Think about the Patriots when they had their 17-1 season. Yes Randy Moss was the man but Wes Welker did just as much if not more. Take into account the type of chemistry Eli seems to have with Smith and there is no way I would give him up.

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