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    Is there a Chance...

    Warmack is there at 19?Last year DeCastro fell all the way to 24 (I think). Guards always slide. Maybe the safest pick in the draft...If he's there, would you want him?

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    If he's there.. He will be a Giant
    (1)Aaron Donald, DT Pittsburgh - (2)Jordan Matthews, WR Vanderbilt - (3)Jack Mewhort, OL Ohio State
    (4)Arthur Lynch, TE Georgia - (5)Bryan Stork, C Florida State - (5)Tyler Gaffney, RB Stanford
    (6)Prince Shembo, OLB Notre Dame

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    He won't get past the cowboys. They are in desperate need of improved guard play. So sadly there is absolutely no chance he falls to us IMO.

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    I'd rather Dallas stealing interior guards from us rather than viable defensive lineman.

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