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    Is Tuck next?

    Seems they are really cleaning house

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    If he is, I wouldn't be surprised. But I doubt it.
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    Nah, from what I heard in another thread, they're going in alphabetical order. Boley, Bradshaw, Canty. Diehl will be next, then Tuck, and finally Webster.

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    Not a chance Tuck is cut.

    I don't care how poorly he's played the past 2 years... who the hell would be on our D-line if Tuck gets released? We would have JPP and Linval Joseph unless we bring Osi back which I would be all for.

    Even if they moved Kiwi back to the D-line it would only be JPP and Kiwi at ends... not happening. Tucks will be hungrier than ever and will silenc his critics with a nice season.
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    No,DE is too shaky....Theres a few guys that are easier cuts than tuck....

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    I think they'll give him one more year. Hopefully he's totally healthy by the start of the season.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TroyArcher View Post
    Seems they are really cleaning house
    Renegotiate his deal and he can stay. Afterall he is turning into the hulk at the Timex Center, isn't he? lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by joemorrisforprez View Post
    If he is, I wouldn't be surprised. But I doubt it.
    I agree. The only reason why I don't see it happening is because of the respect the FO have for Tuck.
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    Question How many more cuts do you think?

    And if so, who?
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    Hopefully Diehl is let go (regardless of potential savings), and Webster is given a pay cut. If that all happens, it should be adequate to get some key players under contract, as well as be players in free agency.

    I wish we'd try to get Canty back, but given that they didn't even offer a restructure, I don't see that as likely. I'm baffled by that, but maybe his health is worse than I know.

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