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    Thanks AB

    Well, I'm sure he will never see this, but just in case. Mr Bradshaw, I thank you for a great career with the NYG. Not the fastest guy (except the 88yd run in Buffalo) not the biggest. But without a doubt a team player and a heck of a Giant. You are always going to be one of the most fun guys to watch carrying the rock. Hope you land with a good second team.

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    AB was one tough dude for the G-Men..

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    Thanks AB. I will always remember you with gratitude.

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    True warrior. Tough as nails and one of the most passionate players in recent memory. The one thing I really appreciated about AB was his vocal , outspoken personality. The home game vs the Redskins comes to mind. He got into Cruz's grill because of a poor block and the shouting match with Coughlin was epic. Why? AB sensed players and coaches needed a wake up call. How could you not respect a guy that played with one foot - the kind of injury that would land most players on IR. Thanks for the memories and the blood and sweat you sacrificed on the field . I didn't mention tears because that is not you Champ. Thanks for the memories. You helped bring this team to the promise land twice.

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    Brashaw was a mudder

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    Quote Originally Posted by Carter.525 View Post
    Brashaw was a mudder

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    Bradshaw is gone in part because of Gilbride

    I'm not sure what it was about "unable to practice" that Gilbride couldn't figure out, but Bradshaw should have been relegated to a 3rd down back a couple years ago.

    I hope that Bradshaw can now heal up, and sign with a team that understands the concept of a situational player, and make a nice contribution somewhere else.

    In terms of career longevity, it's probably for the best that Bradshaw was released......one more season as Gilbride's featured back, and Ahmad would have needed a freaking Rascal to get into the end zone.

    Reese did everyone a favor with this move.
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    Always tough to see guys leave especially when they bring you 2 titles. I will root for the guy where ever he ends up.

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    Lol let's ask Bradshaw how upset he was that Gilbride let him start and see how that goes.

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    This is one cut that the Giants are going to seriously regret. Guarantee it.

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