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Thread: Ravens planning for ray lewis statue

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    If Oscar De La Hoya can get a statue, then Ray Lewis can get one too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Greg Schiano View Post
    I think I deserve a statue outside of Metlife.
    I don't know if we can do that, but we can try to get portraits of you above each urinal in the bathrooms...

    Fantasy headline quotes:
    -Insanity, with "Eye of the Tiger" playing in the background, accumulated the highest point total this week and beat Hakeem Nicks 137.95 - 100.75, overcoming an 18.22-point spread.
    -Legend of Seawright Throat-Punches Mediocrity.
    -20-page Eli Argument Knocks Out Insanity, Delivers an Early-Season Message

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    It should include a ball and chain around the ankle.

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