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    You think they'll make a movie after this L.A. Shooter?

    Make that four people he's killed, the officer that was one of the two injured, was shot in the face. Rambo was fake, and to a lot of people who were in Vietnam, it offended them. When Bavaro was nick named Rambo, he didn't approve of it.

    I say, give it two years and this will be made into a movie. What do you guys think? I know this isn't political but please don't turn it into that. This is a very interesting story to me because this just goes to show you how training the wrong person can back fire on you. He is now in a log cabin where he took in two hostages who now escaped. This is like something out of Red Dead Redemption, some Wild West stuff.

    Is anyone else watching this?

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    Watching it now, it's crazy.
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    Jack Bauer would sort this out no problem.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rudyy View Post
    Watching it now, it's crazy.
    Did they identify the body yet? I'm willing to bet even if they say it's his body, the conspiracy nuts will claim it's not and that he fled to Mexico or something.

    It was reported that they heard a gun shot before the house was set on fire. What I don't like is, that's someone's house, why go all Team America on the guy? Who is going to pay for the damages to the person's house?

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