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No argument there. My point is that he certainly didn't step up. Nobody did (except the guy that scored the TD and then saw one ****ing carry for the rest of the game).
Cruz stunk it up in the last three games, especially the Ravens and Falcons. 21 and 15 yards in those two games. With the whole league watching he faded away , and couldn't get open. He lost any hope he had of any team looking at him for a number 1 receiver. His only hope of gettng anywhere near the contract he wants is if a team already has a solid #1, and lots of salary cap for an over priced #2. The Giants are really in the cat birds seat here. They don't have to make a huge offer to keep him like they might if he was a UFA, and if some other team pony's up a reasonable number in the middle somewhere the Giants can sign him for that and he can't complain because that's his market value. If some other team gets stupid and goes for a big number, the Giants get a first round pick. They really can't lose.