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    Loyalty only goes so far in a business. Guys put their bodies on the line and expect compensation. If they can get the most that is offered then it is in their best interests to take it. Loyalty is usually not loyalty in a sense that they are their for the organization or team but for what are their best chances to win a championship and raise their value. That is why so many players want to renegotiate contracts after Super Bowl wins or statistically superior seasons.

    I don't blame any player for taking the money and running. Just say good things about your team and move on.

    All that being said, no one but the Giants, Cruz and his agents know what has been offered. But, look at recent events and cuts and I think that besides the fact the Giants need to have money to sign rookies this year, the other reason Reese is cutting salary like a mad man is to be able to sign Cruz. Like I said in another thread....I would be surprised if you see Cruz in anything other than a Giants' uniform this year.
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