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    Yes and no. How much are we talking that he wants? I say pay the man BUT does just 2 seasons of 80+ catches, 1000+ yds, and 9-10 TDs = a salary like Fitz or Megatron? I mean don't get me wrong Cruz is awesome, and I love that we have him but does he really merit the kind of salary those guys get?

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    no way we let cruz go anywere

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    I think he has the potential to get to that level, he's not there yet but it would be good to have that kind of talent in our receiving core. I dont think he deserves a huge salary like some of the more elite receivers get. I think its more of his agent pushing the higher bid than him. He's from Jersey, the Giants gave him his first shot and I think above anything else he has loyalty and wants to remain a Giant. But money talks, im sure there's some desperate team in dire need of a receiver that would pay him a ridiculous salary....

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    Yes I'm worried about losing Cruz, but i'm MORE worried about losing Beatty.

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    I would hate it....but I'm not worried about it too much. The Giants are freeing up cap space now.
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    Yes and no. It seems like he should retire a Giant. Local kid that came out of nowhere and has his signature Salsa dance. Like it or not it would look strange for him to do the dance in another uniform. However, no player is bigger than the team and if the money he wants hurts their ability to keep other players then they need to move on. It happens all the time in the world of FA. Everyone though they where in trouble when they lost Smith.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Toadofsteel View Post
    Yes I'm worried about losing Cruz, but i'm MORE worried about losing Beatty.
    +1 Should come cheaper too due to this year's FA LT class.

    Welcome to the team Flowers!

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    Something to consider. Are they better with Nicks, JJ, and Randle? Or are they better with Cruz, JJ, and Randle?

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    Victor should be a Giant for life, no one disagrees. However, he is not Megatron, and if he's asking for anything close to that, he needs to walk. He and Nicks are a fantastic duo and it would be sad to lose it, but everything has a cap to it.

    Lets not forget, Cruz is a benefactor of the NY market as well. He will probably end up making more money form commercials and endorsements than he will from the Giants if he stays in NY. He can follow the money to a place that will overpay him, but if it's a small market team, he loses A LOT of money from auxiliary sources of income related to football.

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