The New York Giants signed tight end Martellus Bennett away from the Dallas Cowboys in a free agency a year ago. The one-year deal proved to the Giants that Bennett was worthy of his contract, and should be worthy of a new contract. Meanwhile, Bennett has made it clear he loves playing for the Giants, and would love to remain one, but in the case that a new deal can't be reached, expect the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to make a run at him.

In a Q&A with Tampa Bay Tribune writer Roy Cummings, a fan asked if the Buccaneers will attempt to lure Bennett to Tampa in free agency.

"I will be a little surprised if the Bucs don't target Bennett, and I can see them going after the cornerbacks you mentioned," the fan wrote.

"Remember, if the Bucs retain DE Michael Bennett – and my guess is they will go after his brother Martellus in the hopes of creating a package deal – they can use Michael Bennett and Daniel Te'o-Nesheim inside," Cummings replied." Read more...