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I think Bennett certainly deserves a top 5-10 TE level contract...anyone thinking otherwise is being unreasonable! He came here and produced nice numbers in his first season. The role of the TE is not complex so when he has our system down he will be able to build on his success and I do believe he will crack top 5 TE status in his career and hopefully as a Giant. We need a guy like this on the team, not rookies or journeymen with potential in 3 years or so. He is a great blocker and has decent hands and athletic ability. I highly doubt Adrian Robinson is going to supplant him in 2013 and Beckum won't be here so then what? Another rookie? A below average (unheard of) free-agent? Lets lock down this position. Bennett will play hurt and fight for our cause. I like this dude!
Bennett is not even close to top 5, not even top 10 honestly, especially considering how we use the TE. We don't need a top 5 TE in this offense. I'd be willing to see what Adrian Robinson had next year and drafting another one to compete. Even if it's a drop off and he has growing pains as he is raw it won't be that bad b/c TE is not the focus of our offense. If Bennett wants market value he can get it somewhere else.

Fans need to understand what it is that we do well, and simply put TE is not wear we butter our bread.