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Most top offenses use TEs very well. Thats one reason I have never been crazy about Gilbride. I think the lack of using TEs as a regular weapon, as well as RBs in the passing game, shows his limitations in offensive game planning. I like the guy, and I think he proved his worth. It isn't his fault Gilbride lacks imagination. Sign him.
You can't have top 5 player at every position. We are not going to pay Nicks, Cruz, and Bennett top 5 money, so who do you think of the three will not get top 5 money? rhetorical question We won the last SB on the strength of his offense. Nobody is going to make Bennett the feature of any offense when you have Nicks and Cruz. Offenses are customized to personnel. When the Gilbride offense had 3 good WRs it was at it's best. I think with the progression of Randle and if Nicks and Cruz can stay healthy combined with Gilbride's adjustments to the league's adjustment to this offense we will regain our form.